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Are You Still Running Windows XP ?!!

As I had mentioned previously I Repair Computers.
Lately I have run into several individuals that are
still running Windows XP as their Operating System.
If you are playing games and not on the Internet you
are fine.
If you are on the Internet or want to do things online
Please upgrade to Windows 7 for your own good.
Here is some information that I came across that I
thought would be helpful to people who don’t
understand “Why they should Upgrade from Windows XP
or Windows Vista to Windows 7 or Higher!

It’s been two years since Microsoft ended support for Windows XP,
the popular operating system that’s been around since 2001 and
which many people just don’t seem willing to let go.
Microsoft did about all it could to drag XP-ers into the present
with pop-up warnings urging them that they need to upgrade, and
a free migration tool to help people transfer their files and
settings to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

It’s not merely that Microsoft wants to get everybody onto
the latest version of Windows, although it has certainly gone
to great lengths recently to get people to upgrade to
Windows 10, whether they want to or not.

But as we at Naked Security repeatedly warned XP users, the
end of support means “zero-days forever,” because those
vulnerabilities will never be patched – and XP computers
are sitting ducks for cybercriminals to attack.

And yet there are still millions of XP computers connecting to
the internet, where all manner of malware is waiting to pounce.
Windows XP was still running on 10.9% of all desktops as of
March 2016, according to stats compiled by Net Applications.
To put that in perspective, according to Net Applications’ figures,
Windows XP is still the third-most popular desktop OS, trailing only
Windows 7 (51.9%) and Windows 10 (14.2%).
And there are more PCs running XP than Windows 8.1 (9.6%), and all
versions of Mac OS X combined (7.8%).

By the way, there are some Mac OS X users who are using out-of-support
versions, too, meaning they are also vulnerable to never-going-to-be-fixed
security holes.

Net Applications’ stats show that just under 1% of all desktops are
running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion) or 10.8 (Mountain Lion),
which are no longer receiving security updates from Apple.

Things look slightly better when you look at OS market share measured
by a different company, Stats Counter, but there’s still an alarming
number of PCs running XP.

According to Stat Counter, Windows XP represents 7.4% of all desktops in
April 2016, down from 10.9% in April 2015.
That’s an improvement.

But when you consider that Microsoft puts the number of Windows devices
at more than 1 billion, we are still talking about tens of millions of
computers today running a very old, very outdated, and very insecure
operating system.

If you have any questions or you need any assistance in Updating
your computer feel free to contact me:

Steven Higgins
Whitetail Hide-Away Computers
Skype –stevepse
Facebook — stevehiggins55

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Choosing The Right Free Blogging Tools

Yesterday we talked about picking out a Free Blogging Website.
Now How about some Free Blogging Tools to help you with your content?
Choosing the right tools does not mean you have to use all of the tools.

There are many free blogging tools on the market, but
loading up your blog with all of the free accessories that
you can find isn’t necessarily a good idea. While it may
be tempting to add a visitor counter, a flashy
background, an exciting new font, and a cluster of
quirky animated gifts to your blog, this kind of plan can
easily backfire. The key to getting the most from free
blog tools is being selective.

It is a great idea to learn about all of the kinds of free
blogging tools that are available so that you can make
an informed decision about what to add to your blog,
but try to remember that just because you can have
something doesn’t mean that you need it. Practice
restraint and only choose the options that you think will
really be useful. If you can find out how many visitors
are reading your blog by checking your traffic statistics,
a visitor counter is likely to add unnecessary clutter to
your page. If your blog is text-based, a flashy
background can be more of a distraction than an benefit.
Be realistic about assessing what kinds of blog
accessories will help you realize your vision and
improve your site. Remember that even a blog tool that
doesn’t cost you any cash may not be an asset in the
long run.

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Picking The Best Free Blogging Site

Remember a few days ago I told you about finding out what
Blog would be right for you depends on the person.
One of the ways you can find out what blog suits you
is to try a Free Blogging site first. That can be a
challenge as well.

Choosing a free blogging site can feel overwhelming
because there are so many options. There are several
large free blog-hosting sites that dominate the
blogosphere, but there are also smaller sites. Whether
you decide to join up with an established site like
blogger or whether you choose to sign on with a
relatively new venture depends on what your priorities

Reliability is perhaps the best reason to opt for a large
and well known free blogging site. When you choose to
have an established brand host your blog, you can feel
secure that your blog will not crash often and will not
disappear in the middle of the night. A company that
has been around for a while is likely to have the
resources to make sure that its clients aren’t
unpleasantly surprised by any technical glitches.

However, many bloggers decide that this isn’t enough
of a selling point. The bloggers who choose to go with
smaller, newer blog hosting sites do so for a variety of
reasons, but perhaps the number one advantage is a
fairly abstract one. Bloggers tend to relish the fact that
the internet is a place where the underdog has a strong
chance of success, and by choosing to have a small
company as a blog host, a blogger is casting his or her
vote for David against Goliath.

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We are all Teachers

I came across this in my Morning Meditations readings. I thought I would share
this and that many people would like to read this..

It is from a book called “Living Life Fully’s Daily Meditations, Year One”
written by Tom Walsh.

You can find it on

This gets me thinking that we are all Teachers and that we have many students in our life time!

Today’s Meditation: It’s a shame that most teachers I know have forgotten this concept.
It usually isn’t their fault–they become involved in schools or school systems that value numbers.
Test scores, attendance figures, grades and grade averages–these have become the important indicators
of whether a teacher is effective or not.

Whenever the system becomes more important than the individual, then individuals suffer. Teachers aren’t
nearly as able to look at their students as human beings–thinking, caring, feeling human beings–as they
should be. They have to spend so much time on lesson plans and changing curricula and grading and classroom
management that they often aren’t able to focus on being a human being who teaches other human beings.

In addition, “arousing feelings” isn’t a concept that’s all that valued, for feelings aren’t quantifiable.
Besides, learning about facts and figures and information is valuable; it’s just that its value is overrated.
All that said, we know that the teachers tend to do the best job they can in their situations, and most of them
try very hard to be valuable influences in the lives of their students. But we can help them.

Not all teaching takes place in the classroom, and not all teachers are hired by schools to teach entire classrooms full of students.
We definitely have the ability to be teachers ourselves. We may not be qualified to teach algebra, but we certainly can read a poem to
a child (or even a friend!) and discuss what it might mean to us. We can go through a book on animals, looking at amazing pictures,
learning ourselves by reading captions as we “teach” someone else. We can listen carefully as someone explains his or her ideas,
helping that person to clarify those ideas. There are many, many “teaching moments” in every day, and if we keep our eyes and ears open,
we can recognize them and use them for all that they’re worth. And the more we do it, the more we learn ourselves, and the better we get at it.

The important lessons in life rarely happen in a classroom. But if we step back and think that we can’t teach because we’re not “teachers,”
then we lose many opportunities to do many wonderful things. And if we don’t teach because we assume that someone else will, then everyone loses. * * * * *

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The Right Blogging Platform For Your Needs

Choosing which blogging platform to use is one of the
most important decisions that you can make as a
blogger. The right platform can make blogging a
breeze, and the wrong platform can make blogging a
chore. Because the program that you use to blog with is
such a powerful part of your blogging experience, it is
well worth putting in the time to find a platform that
provides your ideal balance between a user-friendly
interface and a flexible framework that allows you to
make your blog look and feel unique. Finding the right
platform isn’t always easy, but with a little bit of
contemplation and a little bit of research, you will be on
your way to finding the perfect blogging platform.

Deciding what your priorities are in terms of ease of use
versus customization. Most highly customizable
blogging platforms, like moveable type, are a bit more
difficult to use than very automated platforms like
WordPress. If you are new to blogs and to internet
technology, you might want to sacrifice the ability to
create a custom background design or to integrate a
unique font into your template in order to find a
program that will be easy for you to use. On the other
hand, if you are a veteran web designer with knowledge
of html or javascript, you will probably find the
limitations of a user-friendly platform to be frustrating.

There is no such thing as a blogging platform that is
objectively the best platform, because every blogger has
unique needs. The blogging movement is very much
about individuality, so it makes plenty of sense that
there would be many different platforms available that
are designed to meet the needs of different kinds of
individuals undertaking different kinds of projects. This
diversity is a good thing, because it means that you will
almost certainly be able to find a program that suits
your level of technical aptitude.

However, the fact that no two bloggers need the same
thing from a blogging platform can make your search
for the right platform a bit tricky. When you are reading
reviews of different platforms, try to keep your
priorities in mind and do your best to take into account
the position that the reviewer is coming from. For
example, a negative review written by an accomplished
software designer who complains that a popular
platform is too limited may tell you that the platform in
question is ideal for a beginning blogger. There is no
such thing as the perfect platform for everybody, so
instead of looking for the “best” platform, look for the
best platform for your specific criteria.

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To Join a Blogging Site or Not to Join

Sorry about not being here to Blog i have been quite busy

Here is some info on whether you should join a blogging site.

Joining an established blogging site like live journal or
blogger has plenty of advantages, especially for the blog
novice. Sites that host a lot of different blogs often have
very useful tutorials about building and updating your
blog, and you are likely to encounter a very user-
friendly software interface at an established blogging
site. In addition, these sites provide a kind of instant
community of fellow bloggers who can provide advice,
insight, and feedback. These established sites often
keep directories of their members, which can be great
news for your traffic logs because it means that other
bloggers on the site will find out about your pages.

However, there are also some downsides to linking up
with a large blogging site. By posting within the
established templates of a site like blogger, you run the
risk of having your blog look and feel like everybody
else’s. The blogging movement is very much about the
creation of distinctive sites and the development of
individual voices, so it makes plenty of sense that many
bloggers would shy away from the cookie-cutter look
and feel that these blogging sites often promote. Many
bloggers feel that the content of a blog is what makes it
distinctive, not the look of the blog, but many members
of the blogging community feel that the visual impact
of a blog should match the originality of the writing.

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You Meet the Nicest People on Snowmobiles

I live in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. In the winter Snowmobiling is winter recreation for a large number of people.
It also helps the economy in many areas.

I was out taking photos for an Appraisal Agency in the Minocqua, WI area. The roads are not the best in the winter and we just had a week
of rain. I hit a patch of ice and my 2003 Envoy went in the ditch. A large ditch! No, I wasn’t speeding, fortunately
for me and the vehicle.

After the incident I tried to call the police and a wrecker. Well that doesn’t work very well when you don’t have any
reception on your cell phone. got out of the vehicle and walked up the road still didn’t get any reception. I said 9-1-1.
So I called it barely got the call through.

Once I finished talking to the operator. I had to wait for the police and a wrecker.

The first person to come along was a woman in her car asking if everything was all right and if there was anything she could do. I assured her
I was fine and I would be ok. She was on her way to church.

I was right across the road from a snowmobile trail and soon along came two people on snowmobiles and stopped and asked if I was ok and if
there was anything they could do.

After awhile more snowmobiles showed up and everyone ask if there was anything they could do. In fact one of the local people said they had a tractor
to pull my vehicle out. I was amazed that every single one of these 20 or so people stopped and offered and was willing to lend a hand.

Just want these people to know that I really appreciated all of the willingness to help me out.
It makes a person feel good inside to know that there are really good people in this world. This is the kind of thing that should be but on the evening
News vs the violence and all the negative acts that are report now a days.

Thank you again to all the people who offered to help me out when I was in the ditch last Saturday.

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It is Getting to be that Time Again!

Well let’s see there is the Rolex 24 Race that starts this week.
Then there is Race Week!
Then comes Bike week!!
Anyone figure out what the place I am talking about?

It actually starts something I am very fond of, I worked at
Harley Davidson Motor Company for 29 years I saw many
Fall Rides in Tomahawk come and go. In the early years I
actually drew the ticket for the the Motorcycle give away!

Now on a part time basis I travel to different Motorcycle Rally’s
around the United States and sell Leather attire to Motorcycle Enthusiasts.

I have FUN doing it! I call it a “Working Vacation”.

It is exciting meeting people from all mover the world!

I also get to work with some interesting people and get to make new friends.

The pace gets kind of hectic at times and sleep is a luxury. There are
breaks in between. Thank goodness!

Have you figured out the place I was talking about in the beginning of the post?
Daytona Beach, Florida!

I like going down to visit and work in Daytona.

If you ever get to Ormond Beach, FL
the store I work at is right across the parking lot from
Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson at Destination Daytona.
Stop by and say HI!

Or if you go to any of the Motorcycle Rallies in Sturgis,SD, Laughlin,NV,
Red River, NM, Galveston, TX, Reno, NV, Milwaukee, WI, and of course
Tomahawk, WI I might be there somewhere.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!!!

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Using A Free Blogging Web Site

Here is some information on Free Blogging sites. It is
a great way to get started and if you find you don’t
like to blog you haven’t invested a lot of money into
the project.
The other thing is some people may not want to set up
the website and the blog because of the technical side
is difficult for them.

For first time bloggers, a free blogging web site is a
great way to get started in the blogosphere. Popular
blogging web sites like blogger and eponym allow users
to set up and host a blog without paying any fees at all.
This encourages people to start blogging, because the
fact that one of these sites can provide you with all of
the tools that you need to get your blog up and running
without spending any money means that you have
nothing to lose by starting a blog. The fact that it is so
easy to find a way to blog for free is one of the reasons
why so many people who have never had any other kind
of web presence before find themselves drawn to

By signing up with a free blogging web site, you may
find it easier to get listed in search engines that you
would if you were starting your own blog from scratch.
For example, google runs the free blog hosting site
blogspot and crawls its pages very often looking for
updates, so if you have your site hosted by blogspot you
are almost guaranteed to be listed on google’s blog
search engine. This easy access to search engines can
take some of the work out of promoting your blog, and
can help you gain a following with a minimum of
marketing effort.

If your blog attracts a large readership, you may want to
consider moving your site. Many people feel that being
hosted by a free blogging web site gives a blog a kind of
amateur flavor that is fine for a new member of the
blogosphere, but is not appropriate for a high-profile
blog. Having your own domain can help you make your
blog feel professional, and finding a company that will
host your domain is not difficult or expensive. Once
your blog takes off, you will probably be able to sell
enough advertising space to be able to afford to buy a
domain and pay for a hosting package, and still have
money left over. However, it does not make sense in
most cases to invest in these glossy luxuries before you
have a sizable readership.

Starting your blog on a free blogging web site is a great
way to build a following before you spend any money
on your blog. If and when your blog becomes popular
and you are ready to take the next step and purchase
your own domain, your readers will follow you to your
new home. The fact that it is possible to use a free blog
host like blogspost, blogger, or eponym as a kind of
incubator for your blog is great news for bloggers

Here is one that I used in the past

Fairly easy to use and Fun too.

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Personal Blogging, Documentary, and History

I thought I would give you some information on the History
of Blogging and how personal Blogging is continuing to
evolve as more and more people use their Blog.

When it comes to personal blogging, documentary is
the default genre. There are plenty of blogs that serve
other functions, but many blogs are primarily catalogues
of the life experiences of their author. Although there
are quite a few blogs that focus on collecting poetry and
other forms of creative writing, the vast majority of
personal blogs are in some sense documentaries.

For many years, the act of making a documentary was
meant to be an objective act of reporting the sights and
sounds that the filmmaker, writer, or photographer
encountered. However, in contemporary times there has
been a movement towards embracing the subjectivity
inherent in the documentary form. This means that
modern documentaries often reflect the distinctive
voice and sensibility of their creator, and the fact that
todays documentaries often revolve around personality
blurs the lines between documentary and memoir. Blogs
rest somewhere between these two genres, muddying
the distinctions even further. Personal blogging,
documentary, and memoir are now irrevocably
intertwined, for better or for worse.

Although few bloggers think of themselves as making
documentaries in any formal sense, every time
somebody sits down in front of a computer and types up
a record of their day, they are documenting their own
historical moment. The things that we take for granted
about our daily lives, like the way that we use specific
modes of transportation, or the kinds of products that
we buy, often seem quite fascinating to people who live
in circumstances different from ours, and it is this kind
of fascination that is at the heart of many documentary
projects. When people think about blogging,
documentary is not very likely to be the first adjective
that crosses their minds, but a few decades down the
road it is very likely that todays blogs will be seen
primarily as very subjective documentaries of our era.
The people of tomorrow will almost certainly look to
the blogs of today for insight into our historical

When it comes to blogging, documentary may not be
the aim of most people who spend their time posting
their thoughts and ideas on the internet. In some ways,
the documentary aspect of blogging is more of a side
effect than a primary goal. However, the fact that so
many people are interested in publishing these public
online diaries shows that personal blogs are about more
than just rumination. The fact that bloggers are so
stimulated by and interested in sharing their ideas with
each other reinforces the idea that personal blogs are, in
some ways, documentaries meant for public
consumption. Documentaries appeal to people who are
curious about other ways of life, and many people who
regularly read others personal blogs are looking for this
same kind of new perspective.

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