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Everyone has their opinion… Mine is I think we should use caution as we travel to different places. Our world is much smaller than it was a few decades ago.

If you want information and what steps you should take to help you from becoming infected:




Divine Leather

Hi Everyone,

As some of you know I have been working for Divine Leather since 2012!

Wanted to let you know that they have a New website with a big inventory of Leather Attire!

Stop and see them in Ormond Beach, FL across the parking lot from Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley Davidson Dealership!

We are an Authorized Dealer for Milwaukee Leather Products!

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A Food Diary?

When you’re trying to lose weight, one of the smartest and easiest steps you can take is to keep a food diary. A food diary is just like what it sounds—a notebook in which you record your daily food intake. You can track of a number of things in your food diary or you can keep it simple, but in either case, this is a great way in which to help yourself stick to a weight loss plan.

There are a number of pieces of information you can record in your food diary. First, consider just listing your daily menu. This will help you actually see what you eat on any given day and notice patterns of unhealthy eating that you never considered before. Some like to also record calories, protein, fiber, fat, and other nutrients. Portion size may be recorded as well. If you truly want to use diary format, you can also list the reasons you’re eating other than hunger, the cravings you experience, and your feelings about your diet on any given day. It’s your diary, so do what is right for you.

When you start a food diary, keep in mind that you don’t have to keep a traditional journal by the bed with a lock and key. You can use whatever kind of recording and writing tools you like best. For some people, the traditional journal or just a plain notebook works fine. You can also keep a food diary on your computer. Simply open up a word processing program and keep the icon on your desktop. Others like to use Excel or other data entry programs, which help quiet a lot when it comes to adding totals at the end of the day. Yu can keep your food diary on a laptop or palm pilot, or slip a notebook into your bag during the day—whatever works best for your lifestyle.

Remember to update your food diary very day and review it at the end of each week in order to track your progress. You may wish to note in your diary when you hit certain weight loss goals or when you gain weight in order to look for causes. You can show your diary to professionals to make sure that you are staying healthy as well. Food diaries work great for many people, so you should consider starting one today in order to lose the most weight possible.

My Fitness Pal has a perfect Food Diary that you can on your phone or tablet. Helps a lot when you are in a hurry. It is also set up so that you can find any food you are earing in their Data Base. I haven’t found anything yet that they don’t have listed.

Just go to get started!

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We are all Teachers

I came across this in my Morning Meditations readings. I thought I would share
this and that many people would like to read this..

It is from a book called “Living Life Fully’s Daily Meditations, Year One”
written by Tom Walsh.

You can find it on

This gets me thinking that we are all Teachers and that we have many students in our life time!

Today’s Meditation: It’s a shame that most teachers I know have forgotten this concept.
It usually isn’t their fault–they become involved in schools or school systems that value numbers.
Test scores, attendance figures, grades and grade averages–these have become the important indicators
of whether a teacher is effective or not.

Whenever the system becomes more important than the individual, then individuals suffer. Teachers aren’t
nearly as able to look at their students as human beings–thinking, caring, feeling human beings–as they
should be. They have to spend so much time on lesson plans and changing curricula and grading and classroom
management that they often aren’t able to focus on being a human being who teaches other human beings.

In addition, “arousing feelings” isn’t a concept that’s all that valued, for feelings aren’t quantifiable.
Besides, learning about facts and figures and information is valuable; it’s just that its value is overrated.
All that said, we know that the teachers tend to do the best job they can in their situations, and most of them
try very hard to be valuable influences in the lives of their students. But we can help them.

Not all teaching takes place in the classroom, and not all teachers are hired by schools to teach entire classrooms full of students.
We definitely have the ability to be teachers ourselves. We may not be qualified to teach algebra, but we certainly can read a poem to
a child (or even a friend!) and discuss what it might mean to us. We can go through a book on animals, looking at amazing pictures,
learning ourselves by reading captions as we “teach” someone else. We can listen carefully as someone explains his or her ideas,
helping that person to clarify those ideas. There are many, many “teaching moments” in every day, and if we keep our eyes and ears open,
we can recognize them and use them for all that they’re worth. And the more we do it, the more we learn ourselves, and the better we get at it.

The important lessons in life rarely happen in a classroom. But if we step back and think that we can’t teach because we’re not “teachers,”
then we lose many opportunities to do many wonderful things. And if we don’t teach because we assume that someone else will, then everyone loses. * * * * *

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Have you ever told your Cat, “Let’s Go For A Walk!”

We want to take our cats for walks outside. They seem to be terrified to go out doors.
I found this article that explains how to accommodate your cat and get him/her use
to the outdoor environment.

Why should dogs have all the fun? Many indoor cats would love to go outside and
enjoy the sun but it is often far too dangerous to let them simply wander about as they
please. Busy roads, large dogs and careless people are hazards many of us don’t want our
cats exposed to. So why not teach him to walk on a leash?

But cats don’t walk on leashes! That’s the sentiment many people have when the
idea is first introduced. It’s true that some cats will absolutely have nothing to do with the
whole business. They apparently think it is entirely beneath them to be seen out of doors
on a leash. What would the neighbors think! Fortunately, there are other cats willing to
entertain the idea and some who actually come to like their walks. There really isn’t any
way of knowing which way your cat will turn out unless you try. Let’s get started.

The first thing you will need is a properly fitting harness and a light weight leash.
It doesn’t need to be fancy, just sturdy and well made. Trying to teach your cat with only
a collar is not a good idea. Pressure around their necks seems to make some cats freeze.
You want to teach him to move forward, not lock in place. The second thing you will
need is a bag of treats. Preferably something he really likes but doesn’t often get. The
third thing you will need is lots and lots of patience.

Begin training inside your home. Do not take him outside until he is walking
freely and comfortably along with you on his leash. Place the harness on your cat and let
him get accustomed to it. If your cat is particularly timid, you might want to leave the
harness where he can investigate it and get used to seeing it first before you put it on him.
Leave the harness on him for ten to fifteen minutes a day for the first few days. After that
the period can be raised to fifteen to twenty minutes. Give him one or two treats during
the time he is wearing the harness so that he associates it with good things. When he is
fully comfortable with the harness, add the leash in the same manner, allowing him to
drag it around for a slowly increasing period over several days. Don’t forget the treats.

By now, your cat is comfortable wearing both harness and leash. Pick up the end
of the leash and just hold it. Don’t try to lead him anywhere. Follow him around if he
moves. Do this exercise for a few minutes a day until he is comfortable with it. Now
comes the big step, teaching him to follow where you lead. Place your cat to your left
side, your leash should be in your left hand. Let your arm hang relaxed at your side. Take
a treat in your right hand. Turn toward your cat and show him the treat. Now take a
couple of step forward, continuing to show the treat. If he follows you, take a couple of
more steps. If he follows to your new position, give him his treat and praise. If he is
reluctant to move forward, place the treat closer to him. Praise him if he takes a step
forward and give him the treat. If he doesn’t want to move forward no matter what you
do, don’t drag him. Pick him up and take him somewhere else to take his harness off. Do
not give him a treat since he didn’t do as you asked. Here is where patience comes in.
Keep repeating the lesson every day, asking him to move farther each time.

When your cat is walking freely on leash with you all over the house, take him
into your back yard and walk him around in it. If he freezes and refuses to move, don’t
panic. Reassure him he is safe and take him back inside. Try again tomorrow. If he tries
to take off on his own you can easily check him with your leash. Once he is comfortable
in the yard you can start taking him farther. Before long you will be able to take nice
walks wherever you choose.

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Hello world!


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