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Happy Easter Everyone!!

I just want to wish you a very blessed Easter holiday. I hope that you have time to draw close to family and friends and to reflect on the rich symbolism of this special time of year. Easter means many things to many people. To Christians the day celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and promises hope of a new life for believers.

Some historians place the holiday long before the birth of Christ and claim that the early church merely preempted an ancient pagan holiday that welcomed the new birth of spring and honored the goddess of the moon. Go figure.

To our children, Easter is the season of the Easter bunny and egg hunts. But whatever view you take you can’t escape the fact that Easter represents new beginnings and fresh starts. I hope that this Easter you are filled with the hope of a new day and the promise of a new life.

And what would Easter be without glazed ham?

Here is a recipe you might find really Yummy!

I hope you enjoy it!

Grandma’s Easter Ham

7-8 lb. fully cooked smoked ham
1 cup of genuine maple syrup
2 tablespoons of cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of prepared mustard whole cloves

Combine syrup, vinegar and mustard. Place ham, fat side up, on rack in shallow roasting pan. Pour about 1/2 cup mixture over ham and bake, uncovered, in a preheated 325 degree oven for 1-1/2 hours. Baste every 30 minutes with additional sauce. Remove ham from oven and score fat into diamond shapes. Insert a clove into each diamond. Bake ham an additional 30 minutes.

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Buying an RV – Take some Advice!!

“I fancy buying an RV darling”.
“Ok Honey, go out and get one and we can spend all our vacation time in it and have great fun”.

Wrong, very wrong. Do not buy an RV if this is how you are thinking.

Your RV will just be a waste of money.

Buying an RV is an important decision and something the whole family needs to be involved in. An RV is also an investment, an investment in time and cost but you will not see a profit on an RV, well not in financial terms but it can have a huge payback in terms of satisfaction and enjoyment but if you just rush out and buy an RV without giving it a lot of thought then it could be, at best, an expensive waste of money, and an RV can be, at worst, a marriage breaker.

Think about it, RVs can be small, they can be cramped compared to your house, RVs can be hard to drive and you can end up spending all your vacation just driving around. What you can do, is to rent an RV first to try things out. This way you can easily see if owning an RV was going to work for you and your family.

So what do you look for when renting an RV.? Well I would think the most important is where it is at. Pick the area you would like to vacation in and they look for somewhere to rent one from. Think about how you are going to get there. Driving allows you to take more things with you than flying, so if you are flying then you may need to make sure that you rent an RV which comes fully equipped as some do not have things such as kitchen utensils in them or towels and so on, although many companies will supply these but sometimes they come at a price.

What about the size of your RV from small to large. I suppose this depends on what you want to achieve. If you are a family then you need a larger RV and so on. Just make sure that everything you need is available but remember this may mean extra rental cost. Do you want to tow a car behind your RV.? Some companies will let you, some will not and if you are in a hire car, does the hire company allow it to be towed behind an RV. Is the RV you want to rent capable of towing a large car or only a small car? These questions could go on but the best people to answer them are the RV rental company you are dealing with. They are the RV experts so ask them.

I could go on with information like this but it is just commonsense. Think about where you are going to vacation in your RV, think about how to get there, think about your RV in terms of size, think about the equipment you need for your RV, think about pets in the RV if you have a pet and think about who to rent your RV from. Get several quotes from RV rental companies and then compare them and read the fine detail to see what you get for the price and what extra you need to spend.

Once you have done all this pick a suitable RV to rent and a suitable company to rent your RV from and then just do it. Once you have tried renting an RV you will then have a much better idea if being an RV owner is for you and can then make the commitment to buy an RV Good luck and just enjoy it. I do.

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Which Type Of RV Is Right For You?

Here is another article on RVs. Picking out the RV that is right for you is a big decision. This article may help you with that decision.

In Europe, the main form of mobile accommodation is the caravan. These carry with them a reputation for being old-fashioned, slow and cramped. However, in America the mobile accommodation of choice is the RV. This stands for Recreation Vehicle and is an umbrella term for a whole variety of vehicles with living space included.

The most impressive type of RV is the Class A Motorhome. This vehicle is similar in size to a bus and has a cabin at the front from where the driving is done. These luxury vehicles are ideal for long trips, vacations and even living in on a permanent basis. They can be equipped with all of the mod-cons associated with a typical home and can sleep up to 10 people, depending on the model. These large vehicles are often found with a standard car being towed behind to allow the inhabitants to park the RV and undertake local journeys in a more practically sized vehicle.

If you already own a pick up or towing vehicle, the fifth wheel trailer may be more beneficial to you. Considerably cheaper than an RV, the trailer attaches to the truck and is towed in this manner. The master bedroom usually sits over the truck bed, giving the trailer a two store dimension. It can be detached from the vehicle and is then freestanding, allowing the vehicle to be used for conventional purposes.

The travel trailer is similar to the fifth wheel trailer but is suitable for towing by any standard vehicle once the required adaptation shave been made. This is most reminiscent of the European caravan but brings more luxurious accommodation and features with it.

The Class B Motorhome is similar to the Class A in that it has the drivers cab incorporated into it. However, it is much smaller and only sleeps up to 4 people on a temporary basis. The benefits of this are that it can be used as a traditional vehicle also, making it an ideal solution for a large family. The Class C Motorhome makes an ideal compromise between the Class A and Class B models. It too has an incorporated cab but sleeps up to 6 and is more suited to permanent accommodation than the Class B. As with the Class A model, all of the living space can be utilized whilst on the move making it versatile and practical to use. There is almost always a private sleeping area above the cab which can be used for extra storage if sleeping space is not required.

These are only a few of the varieties of RV available but give you a general idea of the scope and freedom that these vehicles can give you. Although they don’t come cheap, they are not over priced and give you the opportunity to have comfortable accommodation wherever you may go. You can make it very homely with all of your personal belongings on display and the comfort they provide is impressive.



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Camping In A RV For Fun And Pleasure

You really don’t know how much fun it is until you tried it!

Camping for most people means a tent and sleeping on a mat on the ground. If that doesn’t really appeal to you, then camping in an RV is what you need. It is the ultimate camping adventure.

RV’s come in many sizes and shapes. They start with campers that fit in the back of a pickup truck. These can have full kitchens, beds, a shower and toilet in them.

Next there are van conversions called Class B motorhomes that are basically a cargo van converted into a camping vehicle. These can have a raised roof for more head room. They also contain the same amenities as the truck camper.

Next up is the Class C motorhome. The front end looks like a pickup truck, but the similarity ends there. There is a sleeper extension over the cab and the back end looks like any motorhome you are probably familiar with. Basically, a cargo box with windows, but much prettier. The Class C has all the amenities of home. A kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. You could live in a Class C.

The next step us is the Class A motorhome. This is roomiest of all motorized RVs. These motorhomes are like a mini one bedroom apartment. They are fully self-contained. From the queen sized bed to the dinette that seats four people you find luxury. A refrigerator and stove are complimented by a microwave oven. You might even have an ice maker capable of making over 20 pounds of ice a day. Party ready!

If that weren’t enough choices, there are still the trailers. First is the travel trailer you can pull behind a larger sedan or SUV. Then the 5th wheel trailer that hooks into the back of a pickup truck. Both of these trailers are equally as luxuriant as the best motorhome. An advantage is they cost a lot less.

You can buy new or used. Whichever way you choose, you should do a lot of research on the internet first. Learn all you can about RVing. There are RV forums that you can find by doing a search in your favorite search engine.

When you decide that an RV might be for you, attend an RV show or two. There are major RV shows at fairgrounds and stadiums where many dealers and vendors are selling every type of RV there is. There are also local RV shows usually put on by one or two dealers to show and sell some of their inventory.

If you really are not sure you would like to spend $40,000 or $250,000 on a hobby you are not sure you would like, buy a used RV. You can get into RVing in a 34-foot used Class A motorhome for under $10,000.

The older and larger the motorhome the less fuel efficient it will be. You may get 5 to 7 miles per gallon on many older motorhomes. 7-9 mpg is realistic for mid-1990’s motorhomes and up to 12 miles a gallon on new ones.

Camping in an RV is a fun adventure awaiting you and your family.

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What is Ubuntu?

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I should have posted something about during Tax time I get busy. There may not be any Blog posts.

Ubuntu what is it?

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’.
It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.

I have been watching this system grow.

You say it’s a System?

Why yes it is a system and in my opinion have some of the best computer and internet products on the market today.
Oddly enough they are Free! Well I donate because I use their Ubuntu Operating System on my personal computers.

Any way I urge You to click the link below, I am sure you will be amazed!

The Ubuntu Story

You Do NOT have to download it to your Hard Drive to try it. You can burn it to a disk and test is all you want or even use it from the disk for and extended period. No this is not Trial Software where you have to pay for it after 30 days.

If you have an older computer that is just lying around in a corner because it can not run Windows 7 or above; Ubuntu may be the answer!

I urge you to take a look at this Operating System as an alternative to Microsoft Windows!

For more information and to Download Ubuntu go to the link below:


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