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For the previous few articles I have been talking about Traffic Exchanges.

You are saying to yourself, “Ok now I have these Traffic Exchanges and He said I would get free traffic to my website and people would be able to view them.

I need credits!!???
How do I get credits so other people will see my website that I am promoting?

If you read the second article I wrote you would probably remember something about surfing.
Yes, it’s called surfing, viewing other individual’s sites to earn credits. You assign the credits, that you earn, to your website so that it will be displayed on
the Traffic Exchange so other people will view your opportunity.

Here is what I suggest that you go to the website below:

Sign up for the free “Traffic Browser” it is Software that once you use it you will not be able to be with- out it for surfing Traffic Exchanges.
Once you get your account they have everything to get you started. Video Training even helps me once in awhile. (LOL at myself).
If I try to tell you about this amazing tool it would take way too long and I wouldn’t mention some of the important features.

Just go to and see it for yourself!!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me:

Steven Higgins

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