What Are Traffic Exchanges?

Good Question!!!

I use Traffic Exchanges to get new prospects to see my website.
It is an inexpensive way for you to advertise your business.
I always am looking for ways to communicate with people to give them the best and most accurate information about a certain subject. I always find that at times other people can explain things better than I can and they make more sense.

Any way I did find this new website and new ebook that tells you what Traffic Exchanges are and how to get started using them. The book was written by Sunny Suggs. When she writes things it is easy to understand.

I took an excerpt from the book and thought you would like to read part of it.

I also have a link to the web site and You can also download the book from this blog page in a day or two.

Simply put – a Traffic Exchange (or TE) is an advertising platform, where you can advertise the site you’re promoting. You view other people’s sites in order to earn Credits. For each credit earned, you get a certain amount of views.

Viewing other people’s sites is called “surfing”. Depending on the TE and your membership level – you’ll get a Surf Ratio from .25:1 to 1.5:1. The first number is the amount of credits you’ll get per – the 2nd number is a view.

So in a TE where the Surf Ratio is .25:1 – for every site you view, you’ll get 1/4 of a credit.

Remember, usually you need a whole credit to get a view to your site.

Now, you don’t just go into TEs and surf sites willy nilly – most of them will have a Surf Timer. The Surf Timer will count down – this could range from 30 seconds to 2 seconds – and when the timer has stopped, you’re free to move on to the next site, and collect your credit. Or 1/4 credit.

Membership Levels – Most TEs will have at least a free level and a paid level. With the paid level, the Surf Ratio will go up – and sometimes the Surf Timer will go down. Most serious surfers/advertisers upgrade to paid levels. There’s a wide variety of other perks upgraded members can get, depending on the traffic exchange.

You can also buy credits, and advertise without surfing at all.

There are many opinions about Traffic Exchanges – they work for some, and not for others. As with any business, if you know your audience, and promote to them correctly
– TEs *can* work for you.

Great info I think!

What are you waiting for?!

Here is the link to the website:

Like I said previously you will be able to download the book for free here on this website in a few days!

Happy Surfing!

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