Optimizing Your Computer?


Besides being in Affiliate/Relationship Marketing, I also run a small Computer Repair Business
out of my home.

Today I hear many people wanting to “Optimize their Computer”. I thought most of the tools came
with the Operating System installed on your computer. Maybe Microsoft has hidden them well.

Since I do like working on computers I experiment with software to find which one works well
for me and also so I am able to recommend products to my customers that I know work well.

I have been dealing with a software company called Ashampoo.  They have some very good

One product that I recommend if you really want to Optimize your PC for a reasonable price is their product
called WinOptimizer 2016.

If you want a product that does Everything, This is it! I can not explain everything that this product does,
it would take a very long time.

Here are the Highlights of WinOptimizer 2016:

Many new Tweaking Tool options
Internet Cleaner
More comprehensive Registry Optimizer
More effective Drive Cleaner
Improved One-Click Optimizer
Favorites Tab
Context Menu Manager
AntiSpy module
Predictive disk defragmenter

Here are a couple of screenshots for you to view:

Yes it truly works very well.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you the price!

It is FREE! Yep all you have to do is download the software enter your you email address to receive a
Product Key and it is yours!

They also changed the name to WinOptimzer Free!

Here is the link for more information!!


Hope everyone has a Great Day!!!!!

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