What do I do When a Popup Box on my Computer tells me my Computer needs to be Optimized???..


What do I do when a Popup Box tells me my computer needs to be Optimized or has a Virus?
I read it and then I close it right away. If it comes back I double check it and then I run
a Scan on my computer with Windows Defender or the installed Anti-Virus I have installed.

I have had a few people calling me telling me about this and then some of them call the
number and pay all kinds of money to get a computer fixed that is not broken.

Most of the tools to optimize your computer are already installed with your Operating System.
Some of them can be set to run and do the maintenance needed when you are not using the computer.
If you have questions ask a friend or find someone you know to help you to set this up or explain
it to you.

If you want the truth told I hate Popups or Windows that slide across your screen.

If you are having a problem with your computer. GOOGLE IT!!! I am serious.

I don’t like to see people pay large sums of money or SCAMMED out of their money
it’s Wrong!

If you do have a problem with your computer and you are not very knowledgeable
about them. Ask a friend they may know someone who is reputable and can help fix
your problem.

Hope everyone had a Wonderful Wednesday!!

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