Just a Thought …Where has Technology Taken Us?

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all are having a Terrific Tuesday!

I thought that a break from giving info on Blogs might be a good idea.

I was just speaking with my daughter today about “Where Technology has taken us today?

Seems I remember watching TV and as a kid you could see what the imagination could do.

Many of these things would never become reality!!!

I remember a car called “Kit” on a show called Knight Rider. She could talk driver herself
and a number of different things. Well most of our cars talk to us and understand us, they
give us directions and some of them even stop before we crash into something!

Robots.. on “Lost in Space” how about the Jetsons?
Well we have robots that vacuum the house program it once and it does it’s thing.
They also have robots mowing the lawn. So much for our riding lawn mower.

When the first cell phones came out, the flip phones, I thought they resembled the
“Communicators” that Captain Kirk and the rest of the crew used on the Starship Enterprise?
I don’t know maybe just a coincidence…

I remember some of the discussions that we had when I was in High School that they
would be much too large and much too expensive for the average person to own. Seems
like the one I have today fits just fine in my pocket.

In the medical field technology has exploded! It is changing everyday!
We have out patient surgery today that we would have never dreamed of
having and going home in a few hours. We have non-evasive surgeries
with the use of robots that can do things more precise than a human!

Oh I can’t for get the Television. Black and White Rabbit Ears and tin foil
to get 3 Channels! Now I think we have 300 Channels and nothing good to
watch at times! flat Screen and living color! Who needs 3-D Glasses?!

I better quit before this gets too long and I won’t even want to read
it. LOL

I had FUN! This was just off the top of my head today and I hope you
have as much fun reading this as I did writing it!

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